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BDF(Biodiesel Fuel)

We produce BDF from plant bodies and animal fats by alkali catalyst method of non-water type and supercritical/subcritical method. Our BDF production technologies and equipment have already been granted various patents both in Japan and in foreign countries.

Features of our BDF


Biodiesel fuel (BDF) for electricity generation applicable to Japanese Feed-in Tariff System is available.

An endurance test of power generation for 4,000 hrs is in progress with Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd.


Production of BDF from animal fats and plant bodies using a supercritical method is possible.

A plant is being built in USA under the license of our patent concerning the supercritical method.


At present, we have the only large-scale BDF plant in Japan that can produce BDF that complies with the “Japan Industrial Standard”

100% BDF meets JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) . 5% mixed BDF meets the Quality Assurance Law and EU standards. Use of non-compliant products is forbidden.


Because no water (dry method) is used during the BDF production process, no effluent treatment facility is required (reduction of 40% and 30% of initial and running costs respectively).


Adding fluid point depressant (patented method) enables BDF to be used even in cold regions.


Our BDF Projects have qualified for Japanese government subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery and Ministry of Environment as “Model Demonstration Project of Local Biofuel Use” and “Grant-aided Project for the Promotion of the Use of Eco-fuels,” respectively. We have a commanding share of all the projects approved for subsidy.


We have obtained international patents regarding the main aspects of the BDF production process, such as decompression process, catalyst addition, etc.

Outline of BDF Technologies

Alkali Catalyst Method

Bio-diesel fuel manufacturing system (Waterless process)

Quality Inspection System

Advantages of our BDF Technologies

Dry Method (GTS Method) Washing Method
No water is needed. 3 tons of water is needed for washing 1 ton of raw materials.
No effluent treatment facility is required. Effluent treatment facility is required, because impurities are washed out and alkali is neutralized with sulfuric acid.
Minimum amount of methanol is used. Methanol is water-soluble so that more methanol is required.
Cost is lower as a result. Production cost is high due to the costs for water supply, effluent treatment, and more raw materials(methanol).
Environmentally-friendly process. Water supply and  effluent treatment increase environmental impact.
Water content ratio is low and corrosivity is low. Deterioration of acid value is 1/6 of that of washing method. Insufficient dehydration causes  metal corrosion.

Feedstock of BDF

Feedstock of BDF

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