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BDF BDF Okayama Project

BDF BDF Okayama Project

BDF - Biodiesel Plant

BDF filling

In the Okayama biodiesel production project jointly operated by Okayama City and one of the leading environmental enterprises, Dowa Group, our BDF production technologies and equipment have been employed and contributing to the smooth growth of the business since its start in 2009.

Biodiesel Okayama Co., Ltd., jointly with Okayama City, started the business of producing maximum 1,200 kl/year BDF(biodiesel fuel), collecting waste edible oil from households, restaurants and food manufacturing plants as feedstock.

This business is to promote the effective use of otherwise incinerated waste edible oil as the substitute for light diesel oil, thus reduce the reduction of CO2 emissions and contribute to the prevention of global warming.
Produced BDF is used as an alternate energy for the garbage trucks of Okayama City and the trucks or forklifts in the plants of Dowa group companies. By so replacing the light diesel oil, BDF at Okayama contributes to the reduction of approximately 2,000 tons of CO2 annually.

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