Realization of recycling-oriented society, and development and commercialization of the clean, safe, reassuring and low-cost environmental technologies.

Recognizing the finitude of resources, we have been developing technologies for converting biomass to highly efficient energies since we exhibited our technology at COP3 held in Kyoto in 1997. As the result of our hard efforts, we have already succeeded in developing technologies for BDF(Biodiesel fuel), BHCS(Biomass-recycling by Blasting Hydrolysis Conversion System) and other high-grade, low-cost and highly convenient clean energies, and we are now aiming for realization of recycling -oriented society.

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BDF Biodiesel Fuel

BDF Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel Fuel
We produce BDF from plant bodies and animal fats by alkali catalyst method of non-water type and supercritical/subcritical method. Our BDF production technology and equipment have already been granted various patents both in Japan and in foreign countries.

Case Study

Case 01

Okayama Project
Participation in various national BDF projects of Japan
An example is Okayama Biodiesel production project jointly operated by Okayama City and one of the leading environmental enterprises, Dowa Group, in which our BDF production technologies and equipment Employed have been greatly contributing to the smooth growth of the business.

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